Securities Lending

Brokers like Schwab allow users to opt-in to securities lending. This means your shares are available to borrow by short sellers, for this, you are paid interest. You do not miss out on dividends. All the big ETFs already lend out their shares for an additional income stream, and I’d like to do so too. You can pay me for the pleasure of being wrong.

This has been mentioned a few times in different topics. The last time it was addressed specifically, it was merged into a nonsense discussion on morality and goodness, which really belongs on a philosphy board, not a finance one.

Posting a new idea/suggestion for this will only result in it being merged with an existing one. Why? Duplicate ideas and request posts are merged, so unfortunately the likely result of your post is just creating more admin work for people. This is the forum policy. It matters not how nonsensical you think the discussion on an idea thread becomes.

The ability to short shares, and the ability to lend shares are two different things.

The mod who merged them did not understand what was being requested.


It is a different thing though, the other thread is about allowing you to short sell, this is about allowing you to lend shares to a short seller

I thought I heard FT were looking into this. I guess it has bad press at the moment but if its opt in rather than opt out I can’t see an issue.

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The opt in/out feature would be great. A certain competitor forces you to opt in to share lending to use their service. This is most definitely controversial.