Seeing Market Activity

My questions might be useful to people trading rather than investing. But I was thinking about looking at how share prices move based on news and events. I’m aware that it’s people’s reaction to the news rather than the news. So:

  1. How do you see actual trades that have occurred recently? I know so many trades occur that it’s not really a useful metric but I like seeing when somebody buys/sells a really big amount. I’ve found websites like which have a section showing recent trades for a stock. But it’s only maybe showing the last 10/15 trades. I’d like to be able to pick a period of time and see the trades that occured. London Stock Exhange website also shows a couple of trades but doesn’t seem to show whether they were buy or sell to my uneducated eye. I presume there is a better way to see this?

  2. How is it possible to see out of hours trading? From what I’ve read on this forum trading can occur out of hours. And overnight trading will affect the price once the market opens? So how can you see if there has been a lot of buying or selling out of hours?

  3. I read somewhere recently that Tesla is the highest shorted stock at the moment. How do you see if people are holding long or short positions in a particular stock? Surely this goes some way to showing sentiment?

  1. Use a service like It is FOC (at least at basic level). There are other similar services available but Tradingview is the one I know and am currently using. Note don’t go to!!! (they come up at the top if you use Google search).
    You’re just starting your journey into analysing stocks and markets. I am myself only a few weeks ahead of you … Be prepared to do some learning. I am finding it useful looking at youtube videos from the likes of ‘Conquer Trading & Investing’.

  2. Out-of-hours trading is not available to anyone but members (brokers) of that particular stock exchange. You won’t be able to see it.

  3. There is a UK register of shorted companies but it only applies to UK traded stock so will not feature TSLA. I don’t know if the U.S. regulators make this requirement for U.S. markets. Once again, you may be able to derive some of this info from a service like Tradingview.

Hope this helps.


Thank you @Plutyre47. Really helpful!

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Actually I’ve just been doing some searching around, and seems to offer an out-of-hours screener. I don’t know how comprehensive it is or whether it will be only US stocks.
From the home page, go to the ‘markets’ tab, and then the ‘research and tools’ menu below the header. Fourth option down is ‘aftermarket screener’.

Good luck!

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