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This firm is a lifestyle and experiential hotel company, targeting millennial and Gen Z travellers, combining accommodation with co-working, recreation, wellness and local experiences. Selina’s portfolio includes over 163 open or secured properties across 25 countries and 6 continents.

Hi i am interested in Selina and would like to know a little more.
Could you let me know everything FT knows about this company. Firstly when exactly did they go public and have they posted any accounts yet?
When i know that i will know what to ask next. They seem to have joined FT on 27 October 2022
But they obviously went public before then and from the assets you say they hold they were maybe operating for a while before going public.
What do you mean by experiential? Sail board training by a full body Thai masseuse? Trick parachute training with a close combat weapons expert?
My imagination is not running wild but i am a little older than gen Z so not their target customers but possibly target investor if i knew a little more about the company.
Thanks, no rush with the market as it is though ii expect it to settle fairly soon

Good place to start