Selling physical rhodium

A few years ago I was buying physical gold and siver, and at the time I bought an ounce of rhodium from Baird & Co. It’s still in its sealed package and I’d like to sell it. Does anyone know anywhere online in UK to sell rhodium? I asked Baird & Co and got confused with their answer but it amounted to a “No” to buying it.


A few shops in Hatton Cross, London buy Rhodium. Some might have an online presence. Let me see if I can find it for you.

You can sell on the Silver Forum

Thanks both.

@thinking_hydrogen I’ll check Google and see if I can find any online stores in the Hatton Cross area

@Coolsmp thanks for that tip. The only problem would be me signing up with a new account and trying to sell a fairly expensive piece with my first post. Maybe I’m wary but I’m not sure if that would be seen as an attempt to scam people.

I think sharps pixley might offer you a price, they do deal in PGM

That was an excellent investment looking at the price of rhodium today :+1: