Senseonic Holdings - SENS

I dont know what spell you just said but it is live now! Thank you!


Actually it’s not magic. It’s a simple differential - what is in other DriveWealth BACKED platforms versus what’s not yet on FreeTrade?

Ran some maths today. There’s still quite a few stocks FT could trade if they wanted too. It I guess they’ll continue with the drip feed.


Because of their bad financial situation I expect them to issue a lot of shares (dilution) during this year. It’s okay when a company promotes a dilution to invest in its growth, however it’s pretty bad when they do it to save themselves from bankruptcy.

However, I think it’s worth taking a close look at this one once they rejected this possibility (bankruptcy), have a promising product (Eversense XL) and a partnership with a major distributor.

Anyway, DYOR


What happened Friday? 42% increase on the day. I was too focused on AMC, only noticed after market close.

They had a great result in a test done on one of their products, I think. It was a study basis for FDA approval.


Positive results from upgraded device that was already in the market. Excellent potential for substantial ongoing future revenue.


Things are heating up for senseonics.

2021-08-11 - BlackRock Inc. has filed a 13F-HR form disclosing ownership of 26,217,828 shares of Senseonics Holdings Inc (US:SENS) with total holdings valued at $100,678,000 USD as of 2021-06-30. BlackRock Inc. had filed a previous 13F-HR on 2021-05-07 disclosing 5,637,619 shares of Senseonics Holdings Inc at a value of $14,883,000 USD. This represents a change in shares of 365.05 percent and a change in value of 576.46 percent during the quarter.


This is doing great today.

I’m quiet deep in this. Come on FDA approval.

Bought the dip today.

Anyone here holding sens?

Blackrock now holding 7% And fda approval literally any day as the sp continues to rise in anticipation.

I’m holding over 2k shares of sens. Waiting on FDA approval. Hopefully can get above $4 before approval. Short interest is also high so shorts will have to cover.

I’m loving this stock. Go sens go.

Any idea what’s going on with SENS at the moment, it seems to be on a slippery downward slope?

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