Separate cash from portfolio value for portfolio graph

I’ve been interning at a major wealth management firm and I have seen the way a clients portfolio is portrayed to them and I would like to see a similar graph in freetrade.
The graph shows one line with the amount invested into a portfolio less withdrawal by the client and the other line shows the growth (market value) of their portfolio. This means a client can see their growth at a glance.
I think this would be a major improvement to the current portfolio analysis graph on freetrade.

Have a look at how PensionsBee does it, it’d quite similar and very useful.


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Nutmeg also has a similar graph.

Vanguard also shows dots for the points when you invested, which I find useful.


I know it’s on the roadmap, but agree the portfolio view isn’t helpful to assessing returns. My performance should jump based on a deposit. It would be good to analysis performance on growth from my original deposits (or loss :stuck_out_tongue:).

And the individual charts are not always representative of the day…not sure if the photo uploaded. But chart shows drop of 6% over week, but actual drop on day was 10%.

Great work team Freetrade!

‘Shouldn’t jump’ based on cash deposits