Seperate the login and sign up user flows PLEASE!

When you open freetrade, you are prompted to enter your email address. The flow here is so bad for a user.

It looks like you’re creating a new account every time, even if you have one. Can you not just put a login button here?

This leads to a few highly irritating issues.

  1. If you type the wrong email address, you’re now in the sign up flow which you did by mistake and there is actually no way to exit back out of this. you get so far back and then the back button just disappears. (I’m currently here right now)
  2. When you do put the right email address in, it still acts like you’re a new user, and asks you to create a passcode, and enable FaceID (Both of which I’ve already done). at which point, you log in to your existing account. This feels wrong? surely this is wrong?

Can we please separate the login existing user flow from the create new account user flow? This sucks right now.

For more context, that time I entered the wrong email address, guess what? I couldn’t get out of it, so I now have another freetrade account in that email address, as it was the only way to get out of the sign up flow. It was like a trip to Ikea, I had to go all the way round even though I didn’t want to :-1:

Hey @deanobalino, thanks for the feedback and sorry to hear you’ve got stuck in the login/onboarding flow. :frowning: This is definitely something we’ll be looking to improve.

We’ve already started thinking about how we can make some big improvements to the onboarding and login flows, but I’ll speak to the team to see what’s possible in the short term to ensure people don’t get stuck in this way.