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The potential of income, from the four retained assets at Seraphim, could be phenomenal. I carved a slot with a hundred shares, understanding the true potential the collaboration between these assets can have on global security, crops, weather prediction, monitoring, lidar mapping, mission critical infrastructure, and the use of all of those assets on humanitarian grounds. Well worth an investment at seed stage. Not often you get the chance to recognise, let alone invest in the infrastructure that will help keep the next millenia safe.

Science fiction. Has just become science fact. Goto their website and have a read for yourself.


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I’m new to feetrade and shares. I managed to pick up 70 of these, however now when i try to get more it says failed transaction. Is this simply because it isn’t available :thinking:.

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No this is unfortunately a frustration that sometimes happens. Usually it goes through eventually but I don’t think it is FT’s fault just needs a seller to match the order. :+1:

It can be really annoying so I suggested the below which is worth a vote :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you. Eventually i managed to get some more :+1:

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