Seraphim Space Investment Trust 🚀🛰 - SSIT

I believe it should be live on July the 14th, it would be great to get in on the action on day one. :wink:

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Voted… Been looking at this, though fees are a bit steep?

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I thought they were only £1 a share that they were looking for. Though what is mentioned and what comes to pass are two completely different things :laughing:

Read the performance fee


Oh, right. I am a newbie and didn’t even know about such things :thinking: thanks


“Billionaire Richard Branson buys stake in space tech fund Seraphim | The Mighty 790 KFGO | KFGO” Billionaire Richard Branson buys stake in space tech fund Seraphim | The Mighty 790 KFGO | KFGO


Hi folks

This will be available on the secondary market tomorrow and we’ll add it to your app as soon after 8 AM as we can :rocket:


Awesome, that’s great news.

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Also, welcome to the forum, @Optimisery :wave:

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Hi this being added today sorry I am new here and I’m unsure how this works thanks

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I’m eagerly awaiting too


Buy keeps being rejected?

Got some.:grin:

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Welcome to the forum, @westham1 and @fjord1990 :wave:

Seraphim is now live on your app:

Teaser: anyone reading this thread might be interested to sign up to get the Weekend Read on Saturday :rocket:

Capital at risk


26% down already - ouch


Showing that it’s down 26% for me too, well 27% now, but I think that’s a glitch, hasn’t gone above 1.03 on Freetrade today and I think I may have reached 1.07 before it was listed here but nothing to say it is down 27%.

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what was the actual IPO price? could just be a launch glitch.

Anyway, after making a mess of other recent 1st day IPOs im just going to hold off on this one and then drip feed into it.

Initial application was £1 with a minimum £1000 order… but it was over subscribed. Though we don’t know how many Richard Branson bought lol.

I’m in for 2.9k long term… Hopefully it won’t sink as much as the rest of my Portfolio has at the moment!

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