Share calculation confusion


New to FT. Having trouble getting accurate replication on my spreadsheet.

Using my contract note as example, I’ll first get the total cost of shares and convert that into GBP using contract note Base FX:

24.77215189 × $1.58
÷ 1.3034 = £30.0291545084

Now we determine FX Fee:

£30.0291545084 × 0.0045 = 0.1351311953p

Now if we add the FX Fee to the cost of shares in GBP we should get the total cost on the contract note, no?

£30.0291545084 + 0.1351311953p = £30.1642857037 or rounded down £30.16, not £30.07 that the contract note declares.

The contract note declares 0.13p as the FX Fee.

What am i going wrong please.