Share Holders update

Hi Adam and Viktor,

As a shareholders we are expected to receive shareholders update on regualr basis. I am not sure if we had any updates recently ie in the last 6 months.
I am aware that there has been update regarding Freetrade invest platform and its developments. However there has been no update regarding financial progess eg revenue, spending, profits etc.
I am wondering if other investors are expecting the same.

Thank you


Full year accounts for UK companies are usually filed in summer. So for fiscal year ending September 2018, you can find them under “Full accounts” on the UK Companies House:

Does anyone know what happened to this fella?

November 2019 - Companies House link

Found it:

I think they are obligated to do quarterly updates via Crowdcube. I am a new investor so no idea if they actually follow this obligation. I hope they will do good investor updates with financials and KPIs.