Share invite not accepting my phone number - Solved!

Hello, I have been sent a freetrade share link and would like to use it to download the app as it benefits me and my friend obviously - but when I enter my phone number I get this error message:
‘Message failed to send, please enter your phone number including the country code (+44 for UK)’.

I have tried multiple formats to enter my number (all including +44) but can’t seem to get the text to come through and keep getting the same error message. Any help would be very appreciated so I can stop pressing the same button and getting the same error over and over.


Leave out the zero +447…

I figured it out! I am currently in South Africa (stuck here becuase of Covid restrictions) - and for some reason it didn’t like that I was here. I used a VPN and set it to go via Europe and it solved it :slight_smile: