Share price discrepancy between "buy complete" screen and "contract note"

A couple of times I’ve noticed when buying something, based on having seen the price on Google Finance dip substantially and then buying it via the Freetrade app (which seems to be VERRRRRRY slow in updating prices).

But the “buy complete” screen always seems to confirm the price that was estimated when I placed the order, not the price that appears if I close that screen and then look at the most recent purchase.

A recent example is where I bought £5 of $GRMN, the confirmation page showed the price per share as 124.70 and the contract note shows 124.66.

I think the buy complete “price per share” includes the 0.4% fx fee

I kind of see where you’re going with that, but the FX rate on that screen is already adjusted from the base FX rate to include the 45bps.

And in any case, the FX rate shouldn’t affect the dollar price per share of the sale, that should affect how many dollars I get for my pounds and hence how many shares I get.

I could understand a discrepancy of $0.01 either way on this, but for them to be $0.04 different suggests they are calculated very, very differently and with rounding on different things at each step. Given the level of precision on the number of shares on the buy contract note, this seems strange…

It seems the number of shares on the buy contract note is “correct”, as summing these across all my transactions gives the “no. of shares” in the stock summary, so I’m happy using this as the authoritative answer, especially as trying to calculate the price per share using information on this screen, I can get to this value (accurate to 2d.p.)

But I still cannot figure out anyway to do the calculations to produce the same price per share as in the buy complete screen. And if it’s wrong, can’t that screen just show the correct data instead?

They’ve just rounded up on the first one by the looks of things. The contract note shows the actual non rounded values.

I’m not sure any of you are understanding my point. As I said, I’d already worked out that the contract note seems correct (and moreover, I can arrive at the same results on that page).

My point is that if the buy complete screen is wrong, it should be fixed. As I also said before, it seems impossible to arrive at this price per share by any sensible calculation, and actually seems to be around the estimated price per share rather than the actual.

As the primary decision about whether to buy a stock or not is based on the current price, it seems crazy that we are shown an incorrect purchase price immediately after purchase.

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As I’ve said…the buy complete screen shows rounded numbers to a couple of decimal places for simplicity and the contract shows the full details. They’ve just rounded the decimal places.

The contract note is the formal document that shows the exact details of the trade.

Rounding from 124.66 to 124.70 isn’t just rounding the decimal places (for starters, they both have 2 d.p.), it’s just wrong. I have other examples, e.g. from 114.34 to 114.36.

The calculation they are doing is incorrect. The point of this post wasn’t for speculation as to why this might be, or to confirm (as I said in my original post) that I should just ignore the buy complete screen, it was to raise the issue so that it will hopefully get fixed.

If that’s the case I agree.

Have you got a screenshot of the 114.34 to 114.36 one?

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And a different example from today:

Could this be as simple as a rounding difference on the actual amount of shares you bought as they’re fractional? From the last two screenshots you posted, the initial buy screen has rounded the fractional amount of shares to 4 decimal places, whereas the contract note shows the actual full amount to a more precise figure, something like 8 decimal places. So you actually bought a tiny amount more of the share than the initial buy screen indicated. This may explain why your buy price is a tiny bit cheaper.
Just a thought, and I may be wrong.

Please can people stop trying to guess why it’s going wrong? It’s of no importance really why it’s wrong. The point of this post is to raise awareness so the bug can get fixed.

So have you raised it directly with Freetrade? If not, you should.

No, but I realised I meant to raise the question in the Help channel and instead it appeared on Chat, so I’ve just moved it.

Also, sorry if I was a bit grumpy earlier. I’ve had a stonking headache all day!

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