Shares down 3% as soon as I buy them, how?

I bought some shares in a company, watching yahoo they did nothing but go up since I put the buy request in, yet within seconds of the order going through, it says I am down 3% on them?

Ahh, unless it was the FX fee being taken into account.

which stock?

XL Fleet

Could just be the bid/ask spread. If so then this is quite normal.



Bid ask spread + fx commission I think

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This could use better explanation in the app probably.


I had a similar thing and it was due to the FX costs. It’s actually not a bad rate (fixed .045) compared to some brokers…

Freetrade said that they will probably reduce the fix fee, one day…

It would be amazing if it was even 0.35% because unlike stamp duty you pay it twice, when you buy and when you sell