Sharing your portfolio allocation with other users

I was talking with my dad (also a Freetrade user) and we were saying how awesome it would be if we could share our portfolios with each other.

I can imagine it working in a very similar way to how the Apple Watch shares activity - it’s great to see what your friends are up to and could help introduce you to new stocks or investing strategies.

Perhaps even a newsfeed of what my friends have been investing in would be a good start.

Understand there are privacy implications but feel like this would be an awesome feature and could lead to some cool network effects of getting friends to join.


Hey James, I have moved your suggestion over here to keep all points of view on this matter in one place.

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A link to your portfolio including % breakdown.
Somewhat similar to the private mode suggested except it’s sharing the portfolio with anyone rather than just showing it on your phone.

Initially just a list with %s would be ok although eventually it’d be better if freetrade scraped some fund/share data from elsewhere and let people drill into individual holdings, performance etc

Some URL like for the inevitable questions from people you refer of “what do you invest in?”

Or you could add an option of “show portfolio publicly” and then you’d have a constant URL like rather than a static list that might be out of date like with the UXJEND link

I think this’d be pretty neat :slight_smile: used to do exactly this - shareable and replicable portfolios, where the values where percentages. Though they seem to have de-emphasised that a lot in recent years.

If Freetrade did this (and also let users add investments they hold that are not on the FT platform), you’d have an interesting set of data…


Not really a fan of this. The idea would be to show what your FT portfolio is rather than have people joining because they like Fundsmith & then getting a shock

I really like this idea! The fintech market is sooo segmented, and having everything in one place really helps(this is where openbanking apps come into their own imo). I agree with @ukcz there’s a danger of promoting opposition, but there are investments that Freetrade, nor any other broker would ever be able to facilitate (equity crowdfunding, p2p lending, property, etc) and it would be very convenient to see such investments in-app. This gives a true idea of your wider portfolio/net worth and it’s performance.

Love it so much, i’ve put it in the ideas board! Hope you don’t mind @Rod

Go for it!

I’ve public-traded investments on four platforms now so keeping track of it isn’t always straightforward - have been using Yahoo finance’s portfolio which is ok, though @finki’s excellent work with their api means I may switch back using to a big old google sheet.


Great, thanks, just uploaded it :slight_smile:

Exactly! In my case, FT doesn’t (yet) offer a lifetime ISA and the contribution-to-one-ISA-per-year rule means I’m sticking with Vanguard for my main stocks and shares ISA. But there’s other investments i’d like to monitor too if it were possible, like my P2P lending portfolio.

Thanks @rod If there’s anything I can do to help the build of your big Google sheet please let me know. Any data points you need adding to the api?

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A feature I would love to see in the road map is the ability to share my portfolio with friends or even publicly.

I think opening up investing to everyone is a brilliant mission, and what would help this is allowing individuals to collaborate and share ideas.

I for one would like to share my portfolio quickly with a friend who is new to investing and ideally, in app, chat with him about why I have invested in these stocks. It could appear alongside Watchlists - “See your friends’ portfolios”.

There could be a feature to hide the number of stocks, so he can’t see the value of my portfolio, but could share my portfolio weighting.

Not only would this feature drive increased engagement (and retention), but I also think a feature such as “Andy has just bought Fever Tree”, could help to promote Instant trades, which is a revenue stream for FT. Obviously this feature and its notifications should be optional, but it’s something I would love to see in the next 6 months.

I think this would be a nice feature. To do an overall export. I suppose this is kind of possible by sharing your statements with people. But a quick infograph or something of your portfolio would be awesome.

If this is ever implemented, this should be an option. I know people (myself included) who wouldn’t want to broadcast trade activity/portfolio contents.

I think this would be great - and a unique point of difference.

Brings a more social tone to the app which is great! +1

Agree on the optional bit for those who are not happy sharing!

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Could also go as far as having leaderboards, so you could end up tracking successful “freetrade fund managers”. Could be quite fun and engaging as well as helpful.

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Also quite a fun idea yeah. It would help get more people involved I think, with friend groups etc joining in. However this would be a very late stage product.

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In principal I agree but we don’t want this to be e-toro with copycat trading cause that ends in tears.


I mentioned this already


Yeah I would only like an infographic type export that I could share to social media, friends and family etc. Nothing like that

Agreed - I’m against this idea completely.