Shipped in 2022 and your 2023 wish list 🚢

I’d hope to see the complex investments situation resolved in 2023 - preferably in time for the new ISA in April please.

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If you click on See All on Recent Activity on a company, you will be able to see the activity just for that company.

Unfortunately no way to filter just the dividends but at least you don’t see all the other companies.

Not sure how far it goes back but I can see activity from 2020.


The Activity list is so useful and I’m very grateful for it.

Regarding this point, you’re absolutely right. Given that the main Activity list now has filters, hopefully it wouldn’t be too difficult for Freetrade to introduce filters for buy, sell, dividends here too?

As @Kiava stated, and do say if I am wrong - but a Total Return on each share holding would be really handy. Seeing if a stock is profitable or not at-a-glance would benefit user experience a fair chunk.

Obviously the more information presented to the user the more complex the UI looks - so maybe it could be a drop-down option on the investment gain/loss text.


I’m very happy to see a basic version of the autopilot/pie in the January update


Havent had this ?

JISA. Very happy with Freetrade both product and service - rightly or wrongly have all my eggs in their basket. However, need to get a JISA sorted for each of my girls, and would be unlikely to pay subs to two providers. Lack of JISA might be the only thing that would cause me to leave.


Need a jisa got my sip and isa already in


I would like a JISA and the ability to transfer existing JISA to Freetrade and also to flick between my accounts and the JISA accounts for each child.

Interest on whole cash balance held on accounts not just first £1000 or £2000!

UK fractional shares please.

Previous years dividend and profits history on each share.

PLEASE do not get involved with Cryptocurrency’s as I believe it can bring down great platforms.


I second These suggestions!

Down with crypto!

  1. JISA
  2. Invest in fractional ETFs
  3. LISA

Thank you!


And jisa

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Re REITs in an ISA - there are still some unavailable in an ISA, Schroder Real Estate investment trust for example.

Don’t see why it’s not available in an ISA? It’s ISA eligible, available in an ISA with other providers and doesn’t make sense to hold a REIT in a GIA especially for anyone who already has an ISA account with FT…

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Wish list in order:

  • JISA /JuniorSIPP
  • DRIP feature
  • Sorting holdings by performance (daily, weekly, monthly, etc)
  • Working desktop version

I’d like to see more company information/news added for available stocks. I currently use Simply Wall St, though this is probably a little OTT. Would be useful to have forward looking information - dividend income, predicted income/value with variable growth factors, although there are other good tools available for this.

Not really interested in any dripping (unless it’s on sarnies), UK fractionals and certainly wouldn’t prioritise a web thingy - I hold my mutual funds with Tillit and want them to introduce an app… so much easier.


I would like to see:

  1. More flexible ways to sort my holdings i.e. by performance, different periods etc

  2. Increased dividend information such as yield, yield on cost, monthly and yearly comparisons, sector and industry breakdown, forecasting similar to stock events.


Competitors have it now too…


Look quite neat

Freetrades moving at a snail pace compared to competitors

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@Freetrade_Team My whishlist would be:

  1. Possibility to trade in foreign currency
  2. Possibility of buying US ETFs.

Ad.1 Right now if I have GBP1000 in my account and I buy $TSLA there is an FX fee. Then I sell $TSLA and pay FX fee again because my USD is automatically converted to GBP and then I buy $NVDA and pay FX fee again.
It would be better if after selling the amount would remain in USD and be NOT converted as long as I am trading in USD stocks.
In fact there could be GBP, USD, EUR accounts and you could choose from a drop down when placing the buy order, which account to pay for the stock from. It could default to “irrelevant” which would just take whatever amount is needed and auto-convert to the target currency, such that it’s still seamless for someone who does not care.

Ad.2 At the moment there is no ETF like SGOV or BIL. Most of the UTCIS ETFs are more expensive and/or synthetic and in general it’s hard to find what I need as opposed to US ETFs.
It would be nice if I could declare myself as a “sophisticated investor” and declare “I do not care about the KID and I am aware of the risks” and get the access to the US ETFs this way. I know a few brokers offer that option.