Short term investments

I am new and was wondering if there are short term investments and how do l spot them?

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Stocks should not be bought for the short term. Only in the long-run can we expect to get good positive returns.

Bonds could be a more viable short term investment, but they can’t be bought on Freetrade and imho one needs even more knowledge to properly evaluate them than stocks.

What term would be short-term for you? If it’s 3+ years, ETFs or funds could be good.


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I’ve got some great news for you, I know how to make you rich! The bad news is that’s it’s slow, boring and regularly.

If you’re thinking in days and maybe weeks then your
basically going sailing without a motor. Sometimes you ride the waves and that’s great but after a while you’ll hit a current you didn’t expect and then you’ll be in trouble. There are no financial coastguard!

Thanks for putting up with my tortured analogy - I hope it made sense :ocean: :palm_tree: :world_map:

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If you are thinking about day trading Freetrade is not a great platform for that. you’d want a platform that shows the bid/ask spread.

Day trading is a lot more difficult than it looks and if you are a new investor I wouldn’t recommend it

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