Should insurers have their own category?

At the moment insurers such as Aviva or Legal & General fall solely under finance, do you consider insurance a type of finance or do you think that makes the finance category seem swollen when in fact Aviva are a vastly different company to say Barclays or Lloyds?


Insurance is by definition finance. I think the issue is that you mistake finance for banking.



I’m looking at the insights tab in particular and seeing (for me) finance is at 12% - which would normally be worrying, if finance was not such diverse a category!

I think there should be sub sectors.
Also, not every stock is in a sector which looks like I’m holding a larger percentage in etf/cash/other

It would be nice to have the ICB industries, sectors and subsectors. However, it may be unhelpful to have life insurance and banks separate in the app because I’ve noticed far too many portfolios with a 40-50% allocation to financials.

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