Show Exchange rates & USD cost per share in Contract Notes

(Chris) #1

After the beautiful buying experience of buying US shares last night I realized that updating my portfolio was less than optimal.

The contract notes for US share have the avg cost per share in GBP & not in USD making a little difficult to understand the price paid. There is also not exchange rate mentioned on the note either to work it out.

The investment screen has the avg cost per share in USD so this works whilst one lot has been bought. However when I begin to add to it regularly, this become problematic.

Hopefully the contract note can include the cost per share in USD as a minimum & ideally the exchange rate used as an added bonus

(Harihar Patel) #2

What is more annoying is the fact the FX charge of spot+ 0.5% is hidden away when the conversion from pounds to dollars takes place. It would be more transparent if they showed the 0.5% FX charge in the commission section. No stock trading is free, since you will always have either FX charges or stamp duty to pay.

(Harihar Patel) #3

But in reality with such a weak sterling, it’s not worthwhile buying US stocks now (unless they are highly speculative). I would stick with UK domestic stocks till sterling goes over 1.4

(Alex Sherwood) #4

Just to clarify, the rate is spot + 0.45%. We display this rate transparently on our pricing page & you’re shown the converted amount in both US dollars & pounds in the app, with this rate applied, when you place an order for a US stock.

Thank for you making that suggestion too for us to consider.