Show Interest Earned

Have to say I’m a little disappointed at Freetrade Plus since signing up, doesn’t feel very premium. But can’t complain as it pays for itself in interest… or does it :man_shrugging:t3: who knows as I can’t see anywhere showing the interest rate in app or any indication that it does in fact pay interest.

Please could this be shown somewhere?

Don’t you get the message each month with interest payment? It is labelled “interest” and mine is 15th of the month in the activity section. :+1:


Thanks, I’ve not been on Plus for a month yet, but have seen some screenshots around of that so assume I will!

Would just be nice if there was some indication of it in the UI, maybe something similar to the ISA allowance bar showing how interest you’ve earned so far in the month and how much of the £4K you have deposited.

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Don’t you need to have some money in at least though?

:thinking: Even if £1


You can work out how much of the £4k you have deposited by checking what cash you have available to invest.

When interest is paid, you’ll get an email and see the payment into your account under the Activity tab, something like this: