Show Tickers on Contract Notes

It would make sense to have the ticker for a specific Venue ID shown on contract note page for specific stocks.

Thanks for sharing this idea :smile: what would you use this for?

If I want to find the ticker for the securities I have bought in the past, I have to go to the Activity tab and one by one search their names on the Discover (or Portfolio, if I hold them or am buying them) tab. This becomes more and more time consuming as the history of past transactions grows.

Alternatively, the ticker names can be added directly on the Activity tab directly.


When transferring my transactions to portfolio monitor I start with finding the security by its ticker. If the contract note detailed the ticker, when working my way through my activity for the week, I would not need skip between discover and activity.

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Yes, 100% agree with this too.

I have my own spreadsheet that uses the ticker, so this would be very useful

This would be really helpful. I update my personal records via the activity tab and for some of the ETF’s it’s hard to remember the ticker. When I can’t remember the ticker I have to google it or leave the activity section and go to my portfolio, both time consuming after a months worth of activity. Having it accessible for dividends too would make the recording process much smoother!