Show USD cost per share for US stocks

The average cost per share in USD has been removed. As the result the only place where stock price is shown in USD is the actual stock information, making available information inconsistent and challenging to track investments with third party tools. We should instead be given average cost in USD and/or be able to switch between GBP/USD.

I’d reword this to say “show the cost in both USD & GBP” - based on what little I know, this is far more likely to be approved.

I’ve voted for it anyway.

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It’s explained in the post and the title doesn’t imply that it has to be only in USD. I think it’s OK like this but thanks for suggestion.

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Would be great if this could be implemented soon. You can see the price in USD briefly once the trade has gone through, but that price is unfortunately not available afterwards. Having both currencies on the contract would definitely help with portfolio tracking

I expect we’ll revisit this once we’ve launched the investment platform (hopefully by the end of the year), as the way that the currency conversion works will change then.

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Alex, is there any more info about the investment platform? What is it exactly? Web application?

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This is a pretty good overview -

If you’ve looked at our roadmap recently, you’ll also have noticed one prominent item is our own investment platform. This is a unique technological and operational project. It will bring a huge amount of the intricate, decentralised processes and data streams of stock market investing into one modern, in-house platform.

As well as aiding many of the features above, this will dramatically drive down our costs and give us way more adaptability and freedom as a business.

quote from the Freetrade is back on Crowdcube: 25th April blog post

It’s our ‘backend’ system which powers the app and your trades so you won’t necessarily see anything new like a web interface when it launches but it’ll enable us to add lots more to the app, faster :sparkles:

We’ll share more details about the platform when we get closer to launching it. In fact, the talk at the August community meet up will probably be about how we’re building it - keep an eye out here for tickets :eye:


Well that is absolutely devastating news, especially given that a) you used to do this & b) you already have the data available - it doesn’t seem like something that requires infrastructural & systemic change to action.

I was hoping as this gained some votes that it had a chance of some action being taken. I’ll continue my US investing elsewhere until this is resolved. I absolutely love the FT model & platform, but as an execution-only partner I rely on 3rd party analytics & data to carry out my due diligence & having this delivered in such a non-standard manner renders those services unusable. Hopefully the ‘investment platform’ allows this to be changed in the future