Show your buys & sells on the price graph

So I made this suggestion in the interactive stock charts thread, but some suggest to also post here.

Basically, I’d like the graph to show at what point you bought or sold stock. Like a little green dot shows wherever you bought, and a red dot shows where you sold. It will make is easier to see how well you investments have done over time, especially if you’ve regularly invested in a certain stock.

My rough doodle (I did it on my phone!) shows what im thinking of:

As I said in the other thread, great idea and really hope this gains some traction!

Good idea, Vanguard does it.

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this is a cracking idea.

I’d honestly love it if this got implemented. Such a great suggestion. If we could click on the dot’s too which takes us to the order in our Activity feed that would also be great. To see how many shares we purchased or sold and at what price.