I’ve also got very little physical silver left, and I’m glad I did shift it all. Only a few kilos of silver flatware to shift now.

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Interesting story here, I think over on wsb they’re trying to switch the narrative back to gme etc (they have a list of shorted stocks they are shilling). Meanwhile twitter etc silver is trending and PHSP is up 10% this morning. It’s hard to tell disinformation from real news and much financial news just now is obsessed with which stock the crowd will pick next. This all feels so 1929!

In theory silver gold etc are a hedge against a market crash but in practice they seem to peak with peak gloom after a crash (e.g. last peak was 2011, not 2009).

What are these Redditors actually buying? 5000 ounce comex contracts? buying a few coins on ebay isn’t going to lead to the downfall of JP Morgan…

Yup. Unfortunate

I wonder how it will affect industries that use silver.

Funny that the Reddit crowd are being belittled so much yet the same people are trying to get in on their trends.

As far as I’m aware the redditers are staying with GME and the other hugely shorted stocks. There are a lot of bot accounts pushing hype on alternative investments to dilute the retail money, it won’t work.

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Some people saying the silver push is from Hedge Funds who own a lot and its a trap to lure people in before a massive sell off.


So many conspiracy theories it’s hard to keep track of them all!

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It’s true, but personally my appetite for risk is low enough that this would make me think twice about jumping into silver :grinning:

My silver ETF (SSLN) that I bought last year went up by 8% today :smiley: :rocket:

Read that the $Silver push is by hedge funds to help cover the losses in $GME because they’re long silver.

For that reason I’m keeping my money out of it.

Can’t wait to see $GME, $AMC, $NOK pump more to rekt these hedge funds.



Ah I see this was already posted, kudos to you @manoadamro!

Also this:

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US listed SLV price $27.46 pre market

On balance the silver push does seem suspicious to me. I won’t be going in on it myself.

My stop loss kicked in so I’m out with a small profit. But I’ll keep watching the story

From Goldman Sachs

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Literally no one but a few bots pushing Silver on Reddit yesterday and of course the MSM. Was a distraction ploy fosho.

MSM is so out of touch its unreal, completely clueless.