Simec Atlantis Energy (SAE)

Any holders of this stock on here? Feels like the calm before the storm to me at the moment. Share price still not had the long awaited re-rate management keeps promising but I’m bullish on it.

Me! I was just hoping that a company like this would benefit from the “green recovery” from the Coronavirus but I’m increasingly starting to worry that are current government is more interested in cronyism (the PPE scandal, Dido Harding being rewarded for failure with another top job, etc) and I’m starting to wonder if the UK will invest in the kind of tech that SAE has.

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Yep I don’t trust this government and inch(!) and am not banking on state support of any kind. That said, Im cautiously optimistic that they are genuine about the green recovery. Rumours yesterday that the Jaguar Land Rover bail out stalled because govt were insisting they switch to EVs. The CfD reforms are promising as well and the coal plant conversion business shouldnt need any state support for it to stand up.

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The UK government is all at sea (pun intended) on their ridiculously haphazard renewable energy & climate conscious plans. Take excise licensing for example; worried they might lose money, they plan to include EV’s in a newly adjusted per distance travelled model…with petrol or diesel cars, it is entirely justifiable that this tax should be costed towards making their use highly onerous. Including EV’s however, it will also harm the transition of many towards an EV.

Mass movement towards EV’s has many, many long-term gains, financially & environmentally. Infact stopping the speed towards irreversible climate change should be a universal priority for global security.

If they are concerned about the “cost” of lost excise revenue, then it really does prove they are incapable of seeing the wood for the trees - the cost of tackling the effects of climate change (especially the later the real, financially heavy work begins) can only grow exponentially. The loss of excise duty is a drop in the ocean.

Such short-termism is not confined to excise duty however…new houses are being granted building approval each & every day, very few have even the most basic of green credentials - it should be absolutely essential that renewable energies & low carbon technologies are involved to pass planning. It should have been that way for several years already.

Ah the cost argument…that red-herring, new industries would hugely benefit from the transition, jobs will be created, national infrastructure would be greatly assisted & both national security & international climate goals would be boosted.

Governments around the world should be throwing all the resources they can muster at being at the vanguard of the green economy. Being left trailing in these stakes makes no sense whatsoever.

A renewable, sustainable, green & ethical economy has all sorts of benefits, economic, environmental, social, health & in national/international security.

The cost of collective governmental progress in building, incentivising & financing the environmentally friendly infrastructure & societal mass transitions towards them will be a drop in the ever rising oceans in comparison to the never-ending drain on resources, finances & human life, if they wait too long. Inaction will result in unmanageable cost bases, unmitigated misery & irreversible social & economic decline.
This is no vanity project, or pie in the sky ambition, the necessary doubling down upon & resourcing of the green energy transition is an utterly essential & perhaps priceless investment. It is one area where it is prudent to spend our way out of the mess as early as possible - to absorb up front costs as and when they present themselves.

The bill now will certainly not be cheap but will be the best investment in history. Instead of shying away from it, embrace the change.
Take the excise duty drop, embrace the oil duty drop, double down on funding, enforcing & incentivising programmes for EV’s, solar, green hydrogen, ground or air source heating, wind, hydro, battery storage, vehicle-to-grid interfacing etc. etc.

Even the medium-term gains will dwarf the short-term pains, long-term they will pay for themselves so many times over that it is a complete no-brainer.

My confidence in this governments green ambition, is non-existent.


I’m normally put off by walls of text but that was worth a read! (Please put lines between the paragraphs though, it made it a bit harder to navigate)

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