Simply Wall Street Analytics Linkage

Ye I’m in the same boat with the trial. Did you pay the full £60 or is it monthly?

Full £59.90 there was no option for monthly unfortunately.

I’m going to stick with the free plan for now :slightly_smiling_face:
I currently only have 4 ETF’s and 1 investment trust in my portfolio.
I’m very impressed with what they do. I see on the website that integration with uk platforms is coming soon.
I’m going to go all out bells and whistles with Freetrade Alpha when available and may go for the Simply Wall Street Investor when fractional shares are available and I’m able to expand my stocks. :muscle:

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Richard and everyone else…I’ve also realised today you can sign up through a new email and get the trial again if people are interested. I did so much research when I had the investor plan I’ll probably use the free plan until I hit the threshold of 10 company viewings

How is everyone getting on tracking their :freetrade:Freetrade portfolios on Simply Wall Street ?

Bada** features. Though keep in mind that any type of valuation which yield an intrinsic value is just one of many many many you and it can come up with. There’s no one intrinsic value (think bankers’ USD 50-100 billion estimates of We Work).

At least Simply Wall St shows you how it comes up with the numbers, so you can dig deeper:

Here it explains how it calculates it. Surely, it’s just Professor Damodaran’s template :slight_smile: But it’s awesome because transparency is awesome.

You can take it, change some assumptions, then come up with an intrinsic value of your own. Then decide whether something is over- or undervalued. This is way better than Genuine Impact.

I think @Ian and team can build this internally. The data is open source because the companies report publicly. Competitors don’t have it. Even BusinessInsider Markets has some cool features e.g. earnings dates, not to mention Yahoo! Finance which covers financial metrics.


Just adding an addendum to your post @engineer in case users want to see the full list of backers.

I thought Cappio was interesting primary address is listed as someone’s apartment. Hustlin’

Sourced from Pitchbook

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A bit of Freetrade / Simply Wall Street


Is there an update on this?

Will it happen?

Anyone got any tips on syncing manually?

Such great potential here and frustrated to not be making most of paid for plan due to manual updating taking too long

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Also bumping for interest.

Would still love to see this integration, it’s my main tool for research and currently entering all of my transactions is a bit of a pain, in a good few months behind now :sweat_smile:


I think it is neither beyond the realm of the possible to have FT invest time into building these types of features into the app (there are literally hundreds of findata apps they can tap into) BUT it would be even more awesome if they simply you know… made an acquisition move and got a product like SW to rapid integrate


Not in the habit of quoting myself :sweat_smile::joy::joy: but I just figured out that SW has some sort of marketing agreement with interactive brokers

(Thought I’d throw that in there as an interesting little bit of info)