Skip the waitlist - give / request Freepasses

(Neil Richardson) #21

Hey everyone,

My name is Neil and I’m looking to get started as soon as possible like so many other people so I thought I would take a chance and see if anyone had a spare freepass I could have as I seem to be going in the opposite direction on the waitlist.

I would be so grateful but if not thanks anyway and it nice to meet everyone on this site :+1:

(Ayran Olckers) #22

Looking for a Freepass if anyone is so kind to share! :nerd_face:

(Lauren) #23

I would love a free pass if anyone else has any spare, thank you!

(Chris) #24

Hey all, seems like I’ve been on the waitlist for an eternity! Has anyone got a free pass please!! :joy:


Me too please! Can’t wait to get going with this and get more people involved!

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Steve Sharrott) #26

Here’s a free pass!


Thanks but I get “Sorry, this ticket has been used before” error…?

(Steve Sharrott) #28

That’s odd, can’t remember giving this free pass to anyone. Apologies!


No bother - thanks anyway!


You can use mine:


Amazing!! Thanks so much :raised_hands:t3:

(Jake Taylor) #32

I would also be super grateful if anyone has a spare freepass, thanks!!

(Chris) #33

Hey would anyone be kind enough to send me a free pass via PM? I’m too slow to grab them when they’re posted here! Thanks!

(Neil Richardson) #34

Same for me too please. Could you PM me as I’m away from my computer and dont get a chance to click the link. Thank very much.

(Justyna) #35

Hi. How can I get a pass? Just new here. Never trade before :weary:


How do I find out if I have a free pass to give out? Tks in advance

(Alex Sherwood) #37

You’ll have received an email if you have one. They’re being sent to people who’ve invested using the app at the moment.

(Kobe) #38

Hi if anyone would kindly send me a free pass through PM I’d appreciate it! Thank you!

(Justyna) #39

Hi. Could anybody kindly send me a pass? I would really appreciate it. Want to see what is all about trading. Just starting. Thanks

(David Lynan) #40

Good morning all

Just signed up myself and hoping someone has a spare free pass to PM me. Would really like to get trading as soon as possible. On a side note wondering what people’s thoughts are on the Model Y reveal this coming Thursday from Tesla. Would like to get a few of these purchased before hand if possible

Many thanks all and I look forward to many discussions in the future.