Skip the waitlist - give / request Freepasses

(Emma) #42

I’ve only had 1 :woman_shrugging:


Me too {I think}. One pass that is.


Would greatly appreciate if anyone has a freepass to share!


I’d also be hugely appreciative of a free pass too :pray:

(Greig) #46

Does anyone have a free pass, I would be very greatful.

(Jim) #47

I have one - first person to message me can have it.

ETA : Gone now.


Hello nice people, can you be so nice to send me a freepass if you happen to have one?
Thank you!

(Rafael) #49

Are you still looking for one? If yes, pm me!


Yes please! I need to find a way to pm you I don’t seem to find the option :slight_smile:

(Alex Sherwood) #51

You can now :slight_smile:

(Daniel Whitfield) #52

Also after a freepass if anyone has one spare. Thank you, lovely people!

(Daniel Whitfield) #53

If anyone has a FreePass please let me know, dying to get involved!

Freetrade is Out :fire: Share your first thoughts once you get access!
(Kenny Grant) #54

It’s hard to know if these have been used or not. Here is mine:

[EDIT - my code has been used I’m afraid]

Perhaps freetrade if you’re going to limit signups with these links you could consider showing on the freepass page if it has been used up or not, as it’s probably very frustrating to get one that doesn’t work and you can’t test it without signing up.

Would be nice if another freepass was automatically issued after use, and the first one showed as deactivated somehow on the link - this is how monzo does it with their golden tickets.

(Daniel Whitfield) #55

Unfortunately comes back as used, thanks for trying though!

(Alex Sherwood) #56

Yes we’ll definitely be making improvements like this in future :slight_smile:

(Daniel Whitfield) #57

Hi Rafkt,

Still available?


PM just sent, thank you

(Hussain) #59

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a Freepass, I will be very grateful if someone could kindly send me a Freepass when possible.
Thank you!

(Rafael) #60

I sent mine to legrass since he asked first for it.


Anyone has a freepass :slight_smile: Thank you