SmileDirectClub Inc SDC

This dental company providers customers with teeth-straightening and whitening solutions. It even does it online.

Anyone in on the SDC ‘squeeze’?

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It’s 39% short which makes this fit neatly into the WSB squeeze wheel house. Could be a fun one to watch.


Interesting :nerd_face: clicked on this page by mistake aswell lol maybe it’s a sign :rofl:

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@NeilB and @Leonm1182
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What your expert view on SDC?

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Tbh nothing glad I only put £20 to test waters which it seemly seems dead in :man_facepalming::rofl:

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Q3 Earnings - Yahoo have covered the Q3 earning well here. They posted pretty poor numbers for Q3 and expect similar for Q4. YTD they’re up 8% and for a non profitable growth stage company this isn’t what people wanted to hear.

The short interest remains high and will doubtless stay that way given the companies own guidance on Q4 numbers. I don’t subscribe to the trendy mantra of High short interest = Short squeeze, this is normally a thinly vailed pump and dump plan scheme. This business looks like it has significant headwinds for the short term but long term could be a good business - not investment advice obvs.

short interest info from yahoo finance

Thank you :pray:t6:.

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