Smurfit Kappa, tax withheld on dividend

I understand that since Smurfit Kappa is registered in Ireland, Freetrade is obliged to withhold 25% of my dividend (and presumably give it to the Irish government?!)
How does one reclaim this, is It something Freetrade does automatically like they do with the REITs, or do I reclaim it on my tax return?
Many thanks

UK shareholders should be excempt from Irish WHT.

I hold MDT on FT (also registered in Ireland) and my dividends have 0% witholding.

How odd they don’t do it consistently.
Freetrades’s chatbot simply says “Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide advice on tax queries or help to attempt to reclaim WHT.”
There must be others who hold Smurfit Kappa (since it was definitely one to buy a while back)