Sneak peak at Freetrade Plus!

You should all have received the email about changes to execution policy and ts&cs, you can find all sorts of clues in these documents about stop loss orders, and other types of orders, and how plus membership would work alongside ISA, have a good read :wink:



FT Plus payments will be taken via payment card using the recurring payment method. ISA charges will be covered under the FT Plus account - if you cancel the plus account you’ll get charged the ISA fee if you don’t close the ISA account too.

New order type: Triggered Order

Triggered Buy Order (Buy Limit) - if the price falls to, or below, the Trigger Price set by you, it will trigger an Instruction to buy the relevant Security

Triggered Sell Order (Sell Limit) - if the price rises to, or above, the Trigger Price set by you, it will trigger an Instruction to sell the relevant Security

Triggered Stop Loss Order (Stop Loss) - if the price falls to, or below, the Trigger Price set by you, it will trigger an Instruction to sell the relevant Security

  • Open Banking can be used to transfer money into your account (this is also currently being tested for Android users)

I’m sure there’s loads more…


It looks like these triggered orders will convert into a market order as soon as the trigger price hits. Would be interesting to know if the implementation at FT could result in buy price higher than trigger price (and vice versa). Lower would be fine :slight_smile:

The answer is in the execution policy:

buy at a price equal to or below the Limit Price set by you (a Buy Limit Order);

sell at a price equal to or above the Limit Price set by you (a Sell Limit Order);
or sell at a price equal to or below the Stop Price set by you (a Stop Loss Order).

Thanks! As expected then :slight_smile:

Open Banking development is great. It shouldn’t be a Plus feature imo.
Half of the “Help” topics created on this forum are people complaining “where’s my money”

Open Banking will greatly improve user on-boarding and build better trust for new members


Yes it would hopefully reduce support requests, get rid if the need for a special reference on transfers, plus it’d be nice to see the account balance in aggregators eventually.

I wonder whether with the introduction of buy and sell limit orders FT will still execute orders at the best possible price during that time, knowing that there is a price lag in the app.

The price lag in the app only refers to the delay in the data being shown. This is due to Freetrade not paying for live data. However, the orders which Freetrade executes do not run off the price in the app and so would still be executed at best price.


So if I am looking at the Stocks app of iOS and it said a stock was $300 and in Freetrade app it said $290 and I go to purchase at that moment - i’m I right in saying it will actually be $300ish? so its actually realtime price just a delay in displaying the price?

I hope I made sense

Data in the Stocks app is also delayed. 15 mins or so.

3 Aug 2020, 12:02 by

Yes you are correct.

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Are these features not free with other platforms already?

I have no idea - I exclusively use Freetrade

Well it’s debatable whether anything is free on any platform that charges commission. Not sure what is free on other commission free brokers

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Depositing money via Open Banking won’t require you to have Freetrade Plus. We’ve combined a few different updates to the Terms and Conditions. :slight_smile:


Everywhere pretty much has a 15 minute delay.

If you want the real price search for the ticker code on Google. That is live.

Yahoo Finance is live for USA only - not UK stocks.


Not true. I track a few UK stocks on Yahoo and it gives me up to the minute info.


Gives Live price for london and new York stock exchange


That is showing me a 15 minute delayed price, It’s currently 8:30, and it shows “As of 8:14” in the top left corner

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