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true story, sadly

I’d wait for the dip if the price is to high if available on freetrade.

It’s a long-term bet

We’re tracking this one very closely and intend to get it on our app as soon as it goes live!


I read in an email I’m subscribed to, it will begin trading on Tuesday 15th and the estimated price is between $75-85.

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I don’t know if that would be possible, but maybe FT could open a pre-IPO for Snowflake. I mean collect orders and put them in the queue before entering the stock in the application. Like a booking.

That won’t happen. There’s not even a price yet to put an order in for.

If it‘s a pre-IPO, then clearly there is no value for the shares yet. My idea would be for each person to apply how much money they would be interested in investing, but before the launch of the stock. Let’s say two or a day before. Maybe it’s not a good idea, but I’m thinking about how to buy this at first.

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Share are value between $75 to £85
It seem’s it will open at higher range of its IPO price. Company plan to raise $2.7B for IPO. We will know the exact IPO price a day before the bell.

By the time the market opens for retail investor it will be well in $100+ or in $200 range.

Few recent IPO’s I participated.

Company - - IPO price - - Opening Price - - Percentage
Kymera - - $20 - - $32.92 - - 64.6%
Nanox - - $18 - - $24.28 - - 34.88
CureVac - - $16 - - $44 - - 175%
Acutus - - $18 - - $25.52 - - 102.38%
BigC - - $24 - - $68 - - 183.33%

By the time this new IPO were available to retail investor they were sky high.

With the current market situation, perhaps a rise in the prices of this share will not last more than two days.


Sadly always true, wish it wasn’t though

I thought this an interesting read on Snowflake and their IPO documentation:

The co-opetition aspect is maybe the most interesting bit - Snowflake uses infrastructure from its competitors, AWS, Google and Microsoft.

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Does anyone know if Snowflake will be available on the app when it IPO’s 16th September? Buffett has already invested £250m which is unusual as he never invests in companies that lose money but their growth is insane.

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We’re tracking this one very closely and intend to get it on our app as soon as it goes live!

Update from FT

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More info in the snowflake thread: [🛑 IPO] Snowflake

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Probably too late for this one, but it would be cool if Freetrade could offer the option to apply to participate properly in an IPO. i.e. Apply for an allocation of shares at IPO price.

I think Hargreaves Lansdowne offers this for some IPOs

Might be a good feature for the Plus account


It’s Azure-based I believe (previously Amazon)

Nice! Definitely a company to watch!

what time will Snowflake be available tomorrow in the app? Thanks

is tomorrow right?