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I hope for a time when Amazon will be broken up and AWS floats.


Did anyone buy in on FT?

There is a lot of risk in the IPO process for investors. If someone believed a company was worth £5 per share it would not be a wise move to pay £5 per share per IPO.

Dropping today.

Might be a chance to get in coming up. Not yet for me though

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When would you go in?

I wish I knew :rofl:

Interest take from this guy on snowflack

Just a heads up but the market cap for Snowflake is wrong in the app

The market cap is wrong for a few other companies as well.

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Does anyone else think there are a bit too many high-cap ‘cloud’ players in the market now?

Seems ripe for some kind of correction and almost inevitable there will be some kind of competitor consolidation from 2-3 winners.

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Globally speaking, it’s still a fairly low percentage of companies that use cloud services. So there’s a staggering growth potential still. Not taking into consideration all the growth coming from existing cloud users. There’s no other IT service that I am this bullish on (working in a cloud-native infrastructure myself).

What’re your thoughts on Palantir? Seems there’s a lot of hype around it at the moment