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I hope for a time when Amazon will be broken up and AWS floats.


Did anyone buy in on FT?

There is a lot of risk in the IPO process for investors. If someone believed a company was worth £5 per share it would not be a wise move to pay £5 per share per IPO.

Dropping today.

Might be a chance to get in coming up. Not yet for me though

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When would you go in?

I wish I knew :rofl:

Interest take from this guy on snowflack

Just a heads up but the market cap for Snowflake is wrong in the app

The market cap is wrong for a few other companies as well.

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Does anyone else think there are a bit too many high-cap ‘cloud’ players in the market now?

Seems ripe for some kind of correction and almost inevitable there will be some kind of competitor consolidation from 2-3 winners.


Globally speaking, it’s still a fairly low percentage of companies that use cloud services. So there’s a staggering growth potential still. Not taking into consideration all the growth coming from existing cloud users. There’s no other IT service that I am this bullish on (working in a cloud-native infrastructure myself).

What’re your thoughts on Palantir? Seems there’s a lot of hype around it at the moment

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“The expiry of the lockup could weigh on share price accretion from here, as early holders sell and SNOW’s free float rises from 32.2 million to 345.8 million shares in March 2021,” Deutsche Bank analyst Patrick Colville said in a report on Friday.

from Investors: Analyst Worries About Snowflake Stock IPO Lockup Agreement Expiring

Looking for a bit of info.

I bought snowflake through the app back in September. Paid approx $260 per share. Today they are trading at $275 but the app is showing a loss on my investment.

Why is this?

Is it down to the FX rate £-$?

When I purchased the SNOW stock Sterling was 128 now it’s 140. Is it the fact the stock was purchased in not £ means that a higher £ reduces the effective value of stock?

If it’s not down to the FX rate then what’s the reason?