Sovereign Wealth Fund

I have little to no knowledge of Sovereign Wealth Funds. I’d like to find out more :slightly_smiling_face:

Does anyone think the UK should have one ?

Will Freetrade build it’s own Sovereign style Wealth Fund by owning a Portfolio of stocks to generate income other than from its clients ?
Should they ?


UK should’ve channeled North Sea Oil profits into a sovereign wealth fund, but that ship has sailed. Fail to see where the income to set up this fund would come from.

But, in principle, it would be a smart idea. There has been some suggestion that we should borrow a ton of money at current low interest rates and set up a sovereign wealth fund. Would be risky but highly unlikely not to generate a net positive return. Fail to see a government with a bottle to do that though!


This comes down to a single question. Do you think the governement can invest money more productively than private citizens and business? If yes, create such a fund. If no, don’t.

Alex hit the nail on the hit. Look what Norway did and what it enables them to do now. We missed a golden opportunity here.