SPACmas Stock-ing Filler Batch I

A small surprise batch of highly requested SPACs and IPOs just dropped.

Stock Type Ticker Universe ISA eligible?
CC Neuberger II SPAC PRPB Free No
Cohn Robbins SPAC CRHC Free No
EHang ADR EH Free No
Foley Trasimene SPAC BFT Free Yes
iTeos Therapeutics IPO ITOS Free No
MP Materials SPAC MP Free Yes
Ozon ADR OZON Free No
QuantumScape SPAC QS Free Yes
Replimune IPO REPL Free Yes
Social Capital V SPAC IPOE Free Yes
Social Capital VI SPAC IPOF Free Yes
Telos IPO TLS Free Yes
Triterras SPAC TRIT Free Yes
Yatsen ADR YSG Free No


  • We’re working on everything else from VGAC to RGM to more.
  • IPOD is not on the list. We’re educating our US partner on the issue. Thanks for bearing with us.
  • Keep the requests coming. We are taking notes of everything, and we expect we can add instruments faster and faster over time.

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