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I don’t think their plans go beyond audio (Music and podcasts) at this stage.

What the Spotify original content move is going to be like…

… I know I’m a Spotify fanboy

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Your prayers (might) have been answered -


They need to make a profit first

So up for this! :headphones: :raised_hands:

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Anyone know if this update live for UK premium users?

edit: is it

Hmm, I updated the app but don’t quite see this yet. It’s more prominent than before, but it’s not quite two tabs.

They have only added it the Library area of the App. Not in the Home or Search area

As a user, I can’t say I’m thrilled about the idea of more ads coming to Spotify. But building an ad network for podcasts is a challenge that people have been struggling to tackle for a while so this got my attention -


What I find really annoying is the in-podcast ads for premium users… I thought we paid to not have ads.
Wonder if this will become an add on


It feels like we have got away with very little adds in podcasts for sometime. As much as I hate adds at least they are trying something different.

When podcasts try to include adds they are often not at all relevant which is just frustrating.

Hopefully Spotify has a premium subscription for podcasts as well…


Spotify have such a strong machine learning team that, frankly, I am not surprised any more.

The bear ban is lifted and reddit isn't flooded with bear posts?

This is an oldie but goodie:

Research scientists, ML engineers, etc all keeping the machine addictive (and so good). So many job openings:


If you like to nerd out—Spotify is a very data-driven business:


Spotify subscriber base: 108mln,
Apple subscriber base: 60mln (estimated)
(as of June 2019)

Lesson for us here: always read company reports

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A few years back (I forget when) Spotify brought the guys behind Every Noise at Once. It’s pretty cool to search a band or genre you like and see how their categorisation works.


That’s really cool, hadn’t seen it before. The size of and relationships in the categorisation are insane!


I don’t use Spotify for podcasts at all, I find Google Podcasts app a lot better in that regard :man_shrugging:

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If you have a spare few minutes the scan feature has lead me to some good new bands

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Seems interesting, especially considering they already have Spotify Premium Family