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Spotify gets a bad rap for this but there is so many factors out of their hands - they can’t just pay artists more.

the royalty accounting model needs to change to pay indie artists better from streams alone. As that isn’t not at all easy to change, tipping is a good step - imo

Such a boring article.

If it’s the case, then all tipping in the world is a slap in the face for the recipients. Whether that’s musicians via Spotify, taxi drivers via Uber, or all the old world tipping from rounding up your change to the barber, to leaving 15% on your restaurant bill. The idea music needs to be treated differently to other products and services is crazy.


It’s not really the same. This comes across as underpaying the artist and letting the fans make it up in tips. I don’t know if that’s the fault of streaming providers, the record labels, or some other party.

Are people listening to more or less Spotify during lockdown?

The tipjar is an ok crutch, but I’d never pay for Spotify unless they moved to a per-user royalty method over the per-stream royalty method. If I pay $10 and only listen to one track that month, I’d like all my money to go to that one artist. Instead, all my money goes to Ariana Grande or some kpop bullshit.

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How much would you say is correctly paying?

£10.98 is distributed per minute for a play on Radio 1. They have around 10 million listeners.

I don’t know how the record label splits it with the artists, producers, etc. and I’m sure it varies based on the deal between the label and the musicians.

But £30 for a 3 minute song played to 10 million people is 0.000003p per listener.

Apparently Spotify is paying 0.0084 cents per stream by a premium user. A bit less for a free one.

So Spotify pays more than Radio 1 but gets more criticism.


Isn’t the 10 million a “weekly reach” rather than active listeners?

Anyhow the two types of stream serve different purposes. Streaming platforms largely let you control what you want to listen to. Radio stations play maybe one or two songs which serve as a promotional tool.

Spotify pays less than most streaming providers but does pay more than a few. I think the reason Spotify gets the most attention is because they were there from day one setting the direction and also because they are to a large degree the top music streaming platform.

Like I said, I don’t know who’s at fault but given the need for ‘tips’ signals there might be a problem.

This. But in order for this to happen Arianna Grande et al need to agree to a pay cut… not going to happen

Spotify earnings beat. Corona changes listening patterns so every day looks like a weekend.


Up 10% pre-market as a result.


I hold Spotify, and hadn’t really been convinced of its podcast strategy. I’m a music guy, so it’s probably just personal bias.

And though I’d heard of Rogan, and watched some of his clips on YouTube, I had no idea how big he was. This guy is printing money.


The best explanation I’ve seen on their Podcast strategy is


Amazon to join podcast space

DC Superheroes coming to Spotify

Price ends up 12% rise on the day

Still can’t paste the nice links like those above for some reason!

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Strong progress on content. This is after they exclusively signed Joe Rogan.

Very interesting.

Would you switch to Spotify for audiobooks?

  • Yes, if they’re free
  • Yes, I’d pay the same as I do elsewhere
  • No, I prefer other apps for audiobooks

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I would definitely prefer to give my money to Spotify over Amazon (Audible).


What I want to know is, who on earth is paying full price for Audible?

I’m not a paying customer at the moment but whenever I’ve signed up to any promotion with them and then tried to cancel before it became full price, they’ve fallen over themselves to give me extra credits or months and months of half price ‘membership’.

I’ve accepted it a few times, only to cancel when those promotions end. Eventually they’ll be in touch with another promotion and the cycle repeats.

I’d encourage anyone paying full price to try and cancel right now - there are about 3 confirmation screens that it forces you to go through (a despicable act in itself) before it will actually really super seriously fully cancel.


Or just sign up using an Indian VPN…