Spotify 🎧

Lots of useful numbers in today’s announcement e.g.

the world’s currently biggest music streaming service reported that it now has 100 million paying users (up 32 percent on a year ago) and 217 million subscribers overall in 79 markets, picking up 2 million users in India since launching there in February

but also

But earnings per share seems to have taken a big hit. The company, which is still unprofitable, posted negative EPS of €0.79 (or negative $0.88), while analysts on average were expecting only negative EPS of $0.39.

& I wasn’t aware of this before

Spotify as investor also provided an update. It noted that the value of its investment in Tencent (TME) Music is now €2.3 billion, going up €652 million in the quarter.

I’ve not heard much about their lawsuit against Apple, since Apple’s response :thinking:


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