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This has got to have a future now it’s come down from it’s launch valuation. For fleets it’s got to be cheaper to convert your stock than to replace them. It only takes time for fleet owners to realise this and the XI fleet Corp stock is no 1 with a bullet.
What do you think?

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I’ve taken a punt, will not be a quick win though I think

Really interesting as to the companies approach to free market options for everyday ppl to sell their own energy… it comes no surprise that people in a capitalist friendly world would use this to their advantage and sell their own energy from solar panels etc on their homes… Im thinking with the drive to environmental issues being a very important issue in economics (& rightly so) in the future
It seems to me a good long term option to look at the companies providing products & tech in this area. Capitalism will remain but seems to be more friendly to caring about environmental issues. Just my opinion tho

Will the company branch out to other area besides conversation from petrol to electric, there will come a point to which petrol cars will no longer need to be converted. I see as a long term investment watching to see if the company will look into other sectors of converting energy to environmentally friendly,
Others companies will invent copycat products & what is interesting is how this company XL Fleet will adapt to this competition?

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Why has this stock dropped so much?