This utility company produces, distributes and supplies electricity and gas to homes and businesses in Great Britain and Ireland.

Wow, SSE are not feeling the love on here, huh?!

I came in for a look expecting to see tons of chat about their huge renewable energy expansion & discussion around whether the oil industries gradual shift towards similar investments would offer meaningful competition, or, be too little too late. But nothing!

For what it is worth (& if anyone ever reads the SSE thread :rofl:), I think SSE is on the cusp of a genuinely exciting period of growth. Their investment strategy is setting them up as one of the dominant forces in offshore wind.
Leaders in the renewable industry could well be out of sight & reach of fossil fuel dinosaurs like bug oil & gas companies, if they are too slow in their transition - of which they certainly are at the moment.


SSE makes up a part of my portfolio One of my first acquisitions actually when I started investing last year. Hadn’t bought any shares since September time until this pullback -Now a decent chance to top up to rebalance their position in my portfolio.
I like them and I’m confident of their future.


I’m on that page too, Mike. The bonus of them heavily investing now, is that the rewards will be felt at optimum level for a considerable period of time. They are no late, apologetic or desperate investors in renewables & are pitching themselves at the vanguard of the industry.

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