Ssp shares

I hold ssp shares but I’m not able to claim my 12 new shares for every 25 shares that I own how come other trading platforms have already sent out notifications to there users about this option but free trade hasn’t

Contact in-app support, they are being offered for £1.84 looks like.

I have contacted in-app support and they told me,

Thanks a lot for reaching out today. Unfortunately at current (as of [March 9th 2021](calendar:T2:March 9th 2021)), Freetrade is not operationally set up to support elective Corporate Action events, including Rights Issues and Proxy Voting, at this time.

Really sorry to disappoint you on this.

We are working to allow this in the future, but we do not have a timeframe to share on this right now. If this does change, our Corporate Actions team will contact eligible shareholders when an elective Corporate Action can proceed.

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Well that’s not good news. I know these kinds of things don’t happen everyday but they are not that rare.
I’m disappointed that freetrade don’t have something in place for this - I know its a bit of admin in the office but it’s really just a voting mechanism for their users so nothing that should be hard to implement

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