"Start Investing with Freetrade" overlapping search

(Zain) #1

Hi, pretty sure this has only just appeared today, but the “Start Investing with Freetrade” text in the top right of the community overlaps the search magnifier icon on Safari Version 12.1 (14607. and Mac OSx 14.1.

Obviously not a big deal, so just pointing it out.


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(Alex Sherwood) #2

Thanks for letting us know, I’m struggling to replicate the issue, is anyone else seeing this too?

(Zain) #3

Just tried a different browser (Chrome), where I’m not signed in and get this


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(Alex Sherwood) #4

Ok cheers I’ll fix that.

How about once you sign in?

(Zain) #5

Once I managed to finangle my way around the link and log in :sweat_smile:, same thing appears

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(Alex Sherwood) #6

How’s it looking now? :crossed_fingers:

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(Zain) #7

Perfect! Back to looking snazzy. How’d you get it fixed in the end/what was the issue?

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(Alex Sherwood) #8


My dodgy CSS (code) was the issue :wink: I found a plugin to use instead :muscle:

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