Start Portfolio Performance Max Graph at date account was funded

I created my account in March 2020 but wasn’t really ready to use it at the time – I didn’t fund it until the end of the end the year. But the Max TWRR graph still starts in March, rendering it useless because FTSE All World ETF had a 9 month head start on me!

I recognise mine is an edge case, but seems to me that what somebody would be interested in here is performance since they either funded their account or made their first investment and this might not be the same as the date the account was opened.

I’ve got the opposite problem; the FTSE All World was falling in the few weeks between opening my account and getting it funded! However I would still like to get the graph tidied up.

I realised this also goes for the main portfolio graph which for some reason starts even earlier in August 2019 – so its flat until the halfway point!