Staying with FT thread

Ahh I didn’t know you get 20% I thought for now on FT if you go with a SIPP it’s just you having free choice over your stocks. The thing I was waiting on was employer contributions.

I think since 2021 I have contacted freetrade maybe 7 or 8 times and everytime I have had a fast effective responce.


Is that the Loch Ness monster popping out the water :slight_smile:

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That’s what happend to me, I got a dm straight away a team to get my sold gia funds to my new isa they said 3 days and it was the same like an hour or so later it was all there and I went on a big spending spree thst day it was magic fun.

I did lots of I puksive buys because that was the first time I had a big chunk like that to spend, big in terms of me being new with a not so big portfolio yet. Hehe was fun

Can someone catch me up on what FT financial health looking like? It’s still unprofitable right? Any institutional backers?

I am generally happy with the service, just want to make sure that FT survives next 2 years.

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Turns out it is 25%!


Ahh isn’t that the same as you can withdraw 25% tax free from your pension. Typing this tbh without researching again but I did k ow before just haven’t looked into it in a long time.