Stick to your investing goals by blocking sell orders 🔒


It can be tempting to sell your holdings, especially when it only takes a few taps. So, to help you stick to your investing goals, you can now lock your Portfolio until a date you choose so you won’t be able to execute sell orders until then.

You’ll be able to add to your Portfolio as normal, by executing buy orders manually.

But if you try to liquidate from a locked Portfolio, we’ll remind you that you can’t until the date you set.

By adding some extra friction, we hope you’ll find it easier to control your impulses or stick towards your strategy.
If you still want to sell your shares, you can chat to us in the app and we’ll help.

If you just want to try it out for the first time, please pick a short time frame!

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(Ryan) #2

Solid idea!

A lot of emotion is involved with Investing, and this could be a helpful tool to help people fight their impulses.

(Viktor) #3

You have my vote, Diversify. :+1:


I’ve reached my vote limit but I would vote for this if I could. One of the big mistakes of investing is buying and selling too regularly. It’s hardwired in to humans that action is better than inaction. It’s good to have a plan, execute it, and then give it time.


Sound like a good idea, one which I would probably take up if available.

However, what happens if there’s an emergency and that person really needs to sell because they need the cash?

I know you shouldn’t be investing money which you need in the short term and that people should have cash for emergency funds but people being people…


Then they simply ping a message to in-app support for them to override the block (same way Monzo currently handle their savings lock feature).