Stock of the month - January 2020

I’ve only.held it a few months. Android only come out less than a year ago anyway. When I looked at the graph it was over a 1000%.

Oh sorry should have wrote 5 years ago.

Editor post. Ta :+1:

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Thankfully I decided to invest in Games Workshop, and it’s 7.62% up for January.


A down month for me, first time in quite a while. Mostly Coronavirus (still don’t think we’ve hit the bottom yet). Earnings went my way overall, but there were a few misses.

Biggest loser was Craneware (-25%). A return to growth but revenue flat, and retention KPI not as strong as previous. Craneware - CRW - #5 by Han

Biggest winner was probably Supermicro (+17%), as a result of their NASDAQ relisting. I bought just after some bullshit Bloomberg reporting late 2018, and will likely sell soon. Earnings next week.

Which platforms? I hold some Chinese companies which are have listings on American exchanges, but none which are solely China listed.

I wanted to buy into Transsion, who are up 60% this month! Shenzhen Transsion Holdings Co., Ltd. (688036.SS) Stock Price, News, Quote & History - Yahoo Finance

The biggest winner this month was clearly Coronavirus.

Japanese facemask manufacturer Kawamoto were up 8x. Which is insane, surely they are supply constrained? You can’t just pump out 8x of anything in an instant can you?

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Biggest winners for me in Jan:

  • Shopify: +14.19%
  • Games Workshop: +9.40%
  • Okta: +9.16%

Biggest losers:

  • Texas Instruments: -6.88%
  • Spotify: -6.81%
  • Disney: -6.67%
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Well said. My portfolio was up about 7/8% and now it’s 1.5%. Not what was needed

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Greatland Gold


Interested in why you picked these three? They’ve all had a great month!

Wanted to diversify my portfolio away from tech. I’m still not fully there yet, with just over 50% in tech alone. So I bought into Circassia which was 1.) cheap, 2.) news was favourable, 3.) financials weren’t awry (I got burned earlier investing into a medical company whose financials I didn’t check - literally a day later news broke out about debt problems and its stock dropped 30%). Greatland Gold, same thing. Seemed to be the most promising mining stock on Freetrade atm, and the news is favourable. 40% gains from it! As for Ceres, that was random. I invested a few pounds and it was the highest % gain in my portfolio, beating all the tech stocks I owned and otherwise. So I kept dumping more money in and it’s doing well. Also consulted a few engineering friends of mine. They said batteries were overhyped, but the tech Ceres was producing was decent and had commercial viability.

This wouldn’t be indivior would it?

NMC Health

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Yeah - I’m doing tech :crazy_face:

Beyond Meat
ITM Power


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My top shares

Taylor wimpey 50.82%
Avast 43.33%
Legal & general 36.22%
Uber 28.72%
Oxford biomed 15.44%


Welcome back!

Some nice gains in there for sure :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Facebook +5% so far in Feb 2020
Alphabet +7% in Jan 2020, +3% so far in Feb 2020
Apple +5% in Jan 2020, +4% so far in Feb 2020
CD Projekt +10% so far in Feb 2020
11 Bit Studios +8% in Jan 2020, +3% so far in Feb 2020


Where do you have access to this stock?