Stock of the month - June 2019

I’ll be holding on for two reasons

  1. I am holding a relatively small amount, so my losses are negligible in the overall portfolio (good ol’ diversification)
  2. I’m looking to grow my portfolio over the long term, so unless I think a company is not going to survive, I don’t foresee myself selling anything in the next 6-12 months.

Good luck with what you are going to do, it’s never going to be an easy decision. If you have some principles to your investment strategy that you are willing to stick to, it makes the decision easier as it’s almost like having the choice being taken out of your hands.

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I have me freetrade portfolio replicated as a virtual one on gives me all stats


@Rollingskies how are you managing the USD stocks now that we don’t get the USD amount or a transparent conversion rate?

Ashtead - biggest winner for me, a bit over 20% :slight_smile:

Probably Evraz, I bought some when it was added to the app at the end of May, currently +15%

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Because I know what I paid so I fix my buy price. You can edit price paid and date. So you could go back and plug in all your data from your activity. It spits into excel too so great for further analysis


Is that under Performance?

My 1 month shows the MSCI China ETF is up 10.55% for me.

You got that figure from the graph?

It’s showing about 6% for me

Square’s my top performer this month. As far as I can tell, they haven’t made any announcements though so I’m not sure why :thinking:


Its based on my portfolio tho?

Whats the average share price for it?

The figure on the portfolio screen is since you bought it, not the monthly figure

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Square Inc (up 14%) and ROBO Global (up 10%) have been my best performing stocks/ETF for me this month.

I have got 3 shares and all of them are showing positive:-) and winner is RTN. thanks to FT to add this share last month which gave me a good return

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[screenshot removed by the team]

Still shows how many shares you own, btw


@AchillesFirstStand, Thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile:. Now I have fixed it. Could you please remove the screenshot from your post?

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June was a good month thankfully, about time…

  • Centamin 33%
  • First Solar 13%
  • Robo Global 11%
  • Legal and General 7%
  • Aviva 6.7%
  • S&P 500 (iShares) 6.09%

And a few other modest performances

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I made two mistakes with that ETF.

The first was making my initial investment just before Trump wanged out his surprise sanctions.

The second was then being too scared to put any more money in while it was down. I could’ve been quids in, instead I’m still nearly 3% down. :man_facepalming:

My best performer this month would appear to be Moneysupermarket. Which is clearly some kind of cosmic joke, as this was my ‘test this Freetrade thing works’ first purchase rather than being a carefully studied and selected purchase :zipper_mouth_face:


We all learn, the hard way sometimes… :grinning:

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