Stock Request - Bosch Ltd

I think Bosch would be a good addition to Freetrade, the stock price is back on its way up, this may be partly due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Good shout.

Bosch recently bought a good chunk of Ceres Power so are definitely branching out.

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I can confidently tell you that Bosch is a private company, one of Germany’s largest. It’s thus not possible to buy shares.



That answers that then.

People might be confused when they find a Bosch ltd stock. Which is the Bosch India subsidiary.

SebReitz, Thanks for the further info. How about Freetrade adding the Indian subsidiary of Bosch Ltd, :thinking: I would be happy with that.:roll_eyes:

It’s a pity Bosch is a private company:

Completely different company. Or has the share price moved with the above news? Maybe that’s what you mean?