Stock request by ticker name

Make the stock request system so that you can ONLY enter the ticker name in the header and then if that stock has already been requested it sends the requester to the relevant message.
This would stop the duplicating instantly and probably please @beermoneytrader :joy:
Maybe a dropdown menu of all stocks would work so that also eliminates wrong tickers. I am sure there is a source of all code easily available to filter into the list :+1:


That would be nice, as Discourse is open source and all. Given that it is, why even use the forum? As long as we’re talking changes, make the stock requests forum content read only and integrate an inescapable search box. No click needed to reveal it. Riiight at the top! If the instrument has previously been requested, the vote button could populate the back-end database/the numbers the team sees centrally. If not, the user would be prompted to fill out the integrated Google form to request it. No external link required. Then we’ve got a request on which people can vote. Pretty soon, actually needing to request an instrument for the first time would be rare.

A summary of the most requested instruments - with voting buttons next to them - would be nice, too.

I’d highly appreciate a note about currently unsupported exchanges. With an emphasis on OTC Markets.

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