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I’ve got about 30-40 US stocks I’d like to request. Do I need to make a new post for each of them?!


Hi How do I vote for a stock to be added that is already mentioned on the #stock-requests?

At the top of the topic for that stock there’s a big purple vote button. Just tap that


Would it be possible in the future to add stocks from China?
I’ve got my eye on a company that seems to be doing big things.


Given the predicted growth in the European market it would be great to see some CBD stock options available l :slight_smile:


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Out of interest, why do we need to request new stocks?

Is there a cost, or a lot of effort involved in adding new stocks? Assumed the FTSE 250 companies would be available, but that’s not the case.

Been researching some companies only to find they weren’t here yet :disappointed_relieved:, don’t want new customers to have this problem too. The more stocks you offer, the more customers you’ll be able to obtain, right?


It would be great to include PURP.L, Levi, WDC, WW, RACE, LGF.A and so many more…I would then truly be fully invested.

Way to go, for opening the door to investing in the modern age, to people that

would otherwise be left out!!


FTSE 100 stocks should be obtainable on the platform in my opinion, this would be a very beneficial feature


Can I request that Slack is listed on FT as soon as possible please.


Slack is where work flows. It’s where the people you need, the information you share and the tools you use come together to get things done.


Same for me ! There is a Chinese company which is a hot prospect!


Is Primark likely to be available as a seperate stock, or are they just covered by ABF?

They’re part of ABF so they’re not available to invest in separately.

Now with the introduction of 5G, I would like to see Skyworks stock added to FT :slight_smile:


Dear Freetrade. Can I ask for Gazprom (LSE:OGZD) because of these reasons, please.

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Please add ENB Enbridge.

You should definitely add Limit Buy Feature. Thanks!

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Not a stock as such. I was unable to see where I would put this so I’ll put it here…

I would like to see Developing Markets represented more on FT. Particularly Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia

I would like to put in a request for Costco (Cost) and BAE systems (BA).


The problem with BAE is the single foreign person share declaration (so whether you are classed as foreign or not according to BAE and that you do not want to own more than 15% of the total shares if you are) that you need to give when you buy shares. Freetrade isn’t in the position to enable you to make that declaration yet.